Budget x choice

Simon Quilliam

24 July 2023

We love the game of golf, but it can often feel like a big investment in terms of time and money. This is especially the case when you find yourself sending golf balls into bodies of water or forests of trees more regularly than you’d like – it’s the same for all of us.

If you’ve tried different kinds of balls and can’t discern too much of a difference between them, you may be inclined to feel the more affordable golf balls tick all the boxes for your game.

However, if you’re good enough to get the most out of them, premium golf balls are designed to give you the perfect amount of feel and spin to get the most out of your game and shoot as low as you can.

At the end of the day, money and cost can be the dominant factor in deciding what kind of golf ball you’re most comfortable playing with. So, please read on as we discuss the latest Wilson golf balls on the market and how they fit into these different budget categories.


Affordable golf balls


We all know how it feels to lose balls out of bounds and have them sunk by water hazards and, if you’re a high-handicap player, this may be an all too familiar feeling.

When this happens, it can be easy to lose a bit of faith and replace them with any old ball. We’re here to tell you that’s never going to be the best move – finding the right golf ball for your game will lead to better shots and lower scores.

If you’re in the market for more affordable balls to play with, you can’t go wrong with the Duo Soft golf balls from Wilson.

As the name suggests, these balls feel incredible soft and are really easy to hit. This impressively soft feel is largely produced through the composition of a low compression core and a mid-hardness cover.

The ball also has a velocity boosting additive in the core for to give you increased distance. So you have the ideal pairing of a ball that feels great and is easy to hit, plus it’ll go a long way down the fairway.

These balls look very visually-pleasing too, and you can get them in a range of colours, including yellow, orange, and green. They’re affordable, they’re fun, and they’ll help you get your handicap down.


Mid-range golf balls 


If you’re a regular golfer but want to keep yourself aligned with a sensible budget, the Triad balls are a fantastic choice.

Wilson put some meticulous craftsmanship into their golf balls, and the Triad is no exception. The ball has a Tri-Balanced construction meaning the ball has an even density throughout to help you make consistent shots.

The Triad has an incredibly thin cover that offers excellent spin and control, and the ball has been engineered to have a high MOI, meaning it is very resistant to twisting at an angle when the club makes contact with the ball, keeping your strike on-target. From tee to green, this is an excellent and worthwhile golf ball.


The very best golf balls


If you’re an adept, single figure handicap player or an aspiring golfer, you’ll be looking to get the most out of your equipment when you hit the course. The Staff Model from Wilson will give you just the magic touch you’re looking for.

These balls are packed with tech, they have a V-COR core that means you’ll generate incredible speed on impact to give you lots of distance. The ball also has a 4-piece urethane construction that makes the ball extremely receptive to spin, keeping you fully in control of your short game.

What makes this ball unique is the special painting process that gives the ball a reliable and predictable flight. The dimple pattern Wilson have given this ball helps you maintain a solid trajectory. This is a solid choice of ball if you’re looking for one that provides plenty of spin.

Whatever your budget, we want you to get the most out of your golf. If you’re uncertain of what kind of ball you should be playing with and would like to seek our advice, we’re available and happy to help in the pro shop.

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