The golf ball conundrum

Simon Quilliam

22 May 2023

When it comes to golf balls there are lots to choose from. The majority look the same if you take away any branding or logos. Given that there’s so much choice and so many balls on the market, it can be difficult to decide on which one to play with.

But while they may look similar at a glance, each ball model has been designed and created to have specific qualities that will help certain areas of your game, such as give you more spin around the greens or higher launch off the tee.

We recently conducted a survey to better understand what our readers deemed were the most important factors to consider when buying a golf ball.


The category that got the overwhelmingly highest vote was ‘performance’ with 66% of voters deeming that the need for a golf ball to perform well for them as the most important consideration. 


This category was voted for much higher than others, including brand and price. Golf balls themselves are made specifically with a certain golfer in mind, from those that need help getting more flight off the tee, to those that want to utilize as much spin as possible. Please read on as we dissect the latest Wilson balls and how they’ve been designed to enhance your golfing performance.


Duo Soft - Experience that amazing feel


Perhaps one of the biggest things you want from a golf ball is that it feels good to play with. When you pull off that perfect strike, the connection is going to feel solid and the sound of the shot is going to resonate pleasantly.

The Duo Soft has a velocity boosting additive in the core that offers easy distance and a responsive feel, making it a joy to strike time and time again. These balls also offer a low driver spin rate to give you a straighter ball flight, so if you have a mid-to-slow swing speed you’ll really feel the benefit of playing with the Duo Soft.


Triad - Get more distance

Some players want more distance on their shots above all else, and if that sounds like you, the Triad balls will give it to you.

The ball has a Tri-Balanced construction to give you an even density throughout the three layers of the golf ball. This ensures there are no heavy spots and that you’ll get a totally accurate performance.

On the exterior, the Triad has a very thin cover to give you more control over your shots. When you make a solid connection with it, you’ll absolutely launch this ball off the tee with a stable, reliable ball flight.


Staff Model - Overall solid performance

As our survey indicated, performance is a central factor in golf ball consideration. The Staff Model has all the features you need to cut your score when you’re out on the golf course.

This tour-calibre ball has a 4-piece urethane construction that will give you premium spin and control throughout your round. The core generates impressive velocity at impact that translates into giving you fantastic distance. The dimple pattern also helps makes sure your shot has a smooth and steady trajectory.

On top of that, this ball feels great to hit and offers plenty of forgiveness should you not hit the perfect shot. All-in-all, the Wilson Staff Model balls perform as required.


Duo Soft Optix - Bright and eye-catching balls

If you don’t like how your ball looks, you’re not going to get on with it. Thankfully Wilson has you covered. The Duo soft range has a fantastic selection of matte yellow, green, and orange balls. They’re bright, colourful, and are easy to spot when you’re looking for your ball after a wayward shot.

What’s your favourite golf ball? Are you thinking of changing what you play with? If you want to get more familiar with the equipment you’re using. Please seek us out in the pro shop and we’d be happy to lend you our expert advice.

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